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Gaelyk Functional Test Tools released!

I'm happy to announce the first public release of Gaelyk Functional Test Tools. It is available in Maven Central.

The library is simply a set of tools that should simplify some common tasks when functional testing Gaelyk applications. It is also an integration point for Gaelyk Remote Control, Geb and Spock. Currently the library provides:

  • own RemoteControl class that determines the remote control url based on conventions so that you don't have to specify one all the time
  • @ModifiesDatastore Spock extension that allows to wipe out datastore after running certain features
  • a simple DSL for setting up data in the datastore if your feature needs a certain data state to run
  • loginTo method that allows to go to a Geb Page after logging into the application using default GAE authentication

Documentation is available here and source code is here.