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Gaelyk Remote Control released!

I'm happy to announce the first public release of Gaelyk Remote Control. It is available in Maven Central.

It's main usage is to setup a Gaelyk application for functional tests by allowing to execute closures defined in tests on the server. The library is based on, and depends on, Groovy Remote Control with only two differences:

  • Gaelyk specific variables are available in remote context - all the GAE-specific variables from this list are bound into context of remote closures. Thanks to that you can use the same property names to access the variables that are also available in your Gaelyk views and controllers.
  • Exceptions thrown in remote are properly handled - by default the original version of groovy remote sanitizes exceptions thrown on the remote before sending them over to the client. To achieve that it uses classes that are restricted in GAE which meant SecurityExceptions were being thrown. The library addressed this problem by simply sending full stacktraces over to the client.

For more information please refer to the project documentation on github.