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Gradle GAE-Geb plugin released!

Thanks to the release of gradle-gae-geb-plugin you no longer have to specify baseUrl in GebConfig.groovy when testing Gae(lyk) applications with Geb. What's more the plugin determines baseUrl based on the configuration of gradle-gae-plugin in your build.gradle - so if you configure your dev server to run on a different port than 8080 it will be picked up.

All you have to do is simply apply the plugin in your gradle build file:

apply plugin: 'gae-geb'

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath 'org.gradle.api.plugins:gradle-gae-geb-plugin:0.2'

Please stay tuned as there are more improvements coming up in the area of functional testing of Gaelyk applications.